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Struggling with physics?          Own a TI-89 or Titanium?

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Velocity, Fluids, Pressure?     Acceleration?     Mass, Machines, Force?

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My name is Tom and I program TI-89 Titanium calculators to help you pass physics much easier.

Welcome to where your TI-89 Titanium calculator shows you exactly what you really want.  Every step to a physics answer right on your TI-89 calculator screen.

 The programs are a compilation of midterms, finals and homework from college physics all over the United States. The app leads you to a solutions step by step at your own pace so you can write it down on tests, homework, whatever.


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Recent Testimonials 2022

From: Tyler 
Subject: Physics Test Gratitude


Your application worked great for our test today! I wanted to email you to let you know how much I appreciate all of the wonderful customer service and that it all paid off. This was test two and I can tell that the difference in grade will be unbelievable. Please let me know if there is anything that you need from me and have a great day.

Hello Tom,  

 First off I would like to say this is a great program, I went out and got a Ti-89 titanium just so I could have your program for physics. I have been playing with it doing some problems and it works great.   So what are the questions I have well here is a multiple part   question I was asked to do last week but I am trying to figure out how to do all the steps on your program.  I have been trying to find where I can calculate the thermal energy, potential energy etc…

 Thank you for your time


Tom-     I just wanted to let you, for all the issues I had with ESP, it was the difference between an “A” and a “C” for me.  The product worked well and I was extremely pleased to post not just an “A” on the final, but an “A” for the semester.  With your help, I’ll take another stab at Calc II next spring, but for now, I’m on Cloud 9. Thanks again!             -Darrin

Tom-   As good as your every step calculus programs, thank you        -Kevin

Tom, thanks for the quick reply and help. I can’t explain to you how much I love this program and your customer service was greatly appreciated.           –Jared


You get 145+ physics programs for the price of a good happy hour.

100% Guaranteed or your money back


Acceleration | Atwood Machine | Atwood Machine (Modified) | Pulley & Cord | Table & Pulley & Cord | Static Coefficient of Friction μs  | m, Ff, Ø | m, Ff, Ø, d | m, T, Ø, uk | m, uk, Ø | m1, m2 | m1, m2, uk | m1, m2, Ø | m1, m2, Ø, t | m1,m2,m3,N | m1, m2, uk1, uk2, Ø

Acceleration: Angular | r, wi, wf, t  (w = angular speed) | r, Vi, Vf, t  (v  = velocity) Video Example

Acceleration: Centripetal  |  αc = r * ω²  |   = v ²/ r

Acceleration: Tangential | r,wi,wf,t  (w = angular speed) | r,Vi,Vf,t  (V  = velocity)  Video Example

Angle Starts to Slide | Given μs

Angular Speed | w = angular speed | = 2 πf   rad/s  Video Example

Atwood Machine Video Example

Baseball is Hit | Maximum Height | Time to Ground | Time to Maximum Height  Video Example

Bead on a Wire | Velocity at Different Heights | Maximum height | Two Beads Collide and Bounce  Video Example

Beads (2) on a Wire  |  Collide & Bounce

Bulk Modulus Video Example

Car Catches Truck  |  Car 1 Velocity  |  Car 2 Velocity  |  Time to Catch Up

Center of Mass | 2 Masses on x axis | 2 Masses on xy plane | 3 Masses on x axis | 3 Masses on xy plane | 4 Masses on xy plane Video Example

Cord Over Pulley:Acceleration | Two masses, Cord & pulley | Two masses, Table, Cord & 2 Pulleys

Displacement | Finds Acceleration | Finds Final displacement

Falling off Building

Fluids & Hydraulics | Density: Given Vi, F1, F2 | Density: Column of Water | Force re: p, ht, Area | Force, Atmospheric, Area | Force, Equilibrium | Height re: water pressure | Hydraulic Press | Long & Pipe Barrel |Manometer | Mass Apparent | Mass: Cube in water | Pressure & Fluid at Depth | Pressure/Surface under water | Pressure on Floor | Pressure Gauge | Pressure of Oil & Water | Pressure/Total/Piston | Tension of String | Volume

Forces  |  Friction  |  Normal  |  Gravity

Friction | Friction Force | Work  |  Work Against Friction  |  Displacement | Using m,uk,Vi,Ø

Path of an Object | Object falling | Stone thrown up



Tension | m,a | m, Ø | m, d, Ø | m, ØA, ØB | m1, m2 |N, Ø | N, ØA, ØB

Truck or Car Slows Down  |  Speed  |  Acceleration

Vectors | Vectors (2) (x,y,) sum | Vectors (2) (x,y,z) difference |Vectors (2) (x,y,z) sum | Vectors (2) (x,y,) + Ø, difference | Vectors (2) (x,y,) + Ø, sum | Vectors (3) (x,y,) sum | Vectors (3) (x,y,) + Ø, sum

Velocity: Beads | Bead Sliding on Wire | Two Beads Collide

Velocity of Objects

Volume with specific gravity (sp)

Work | Thru Fuel Oil | At Height | Net | Against gravity | Between Heights | Opposing friction | U & Down Incline | Given Acceleration | Given, d, N, Ø | Given, m, d | Given, m, d, N | Gravity & Ladder | Lifting | Dropping

Young’s Modulus | Stress | Strain | Young’s Modulus

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