Block Pushed Up Incline-Test Question-Video

September 28, 2014 · by physics · Physics Test Questions


A block is pushed up a frictionless 30 Degree incline by an applied force as shown. If F=25 N and M=3.0kg, what is the magnitude of the resulting acceleration of the block?

Raw Transcript
Hello, Tom from and A mass on a ramp problem, test problem. Let’s do it. You have to put physics in the entry line of the calculator to get to my menu. And because the problem ask for acceleration, I always recommend you circle what’s asked for and then on the side, put down what’s given. In this case force Newtons and theta and then mass. So right now we’re gonna go to, it asks for acceleration. Press number two here. And then we’re going to scroll down to what’s given because there’s many of those in here. It’s not mass, and theta, and friction force. It’s mass, theta, and newton. There we go,letter E. You have to press Alpha before you enter anything in these entry lines. Alpha 3 kilograms. And then the force is alpha 25. And the angle given is 30. Alpha 30. I always show you what you’ve entered, you can change it if you want. I say it’s okay. Here’s the formula. Write this down on your paper right away. I like to use A equals acceleration because a lot of times and most the time in Yahoo or wherever you search, you don’t know what they’re asking for you don’t know what this letter means. Professors and people do not put that down. I like to put that down first in my problem so we all know what we’re talking about, exactly not almost. And here’s the to answer here: 25 times cosine at thirty minus 3, which is the mass times gravity, etc. divided by three, all the quantity, divided by three. Here’s the step-by-step 2.3119. You got an A on this problem. Go to my site, buy my programs Pass your classes and subscribe if you wanna see more movies. Thank you.