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September 30, 2014 · by physics · Atwood Machine, Physics Test Questions

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Hello, Everyone. This is Tom from And I’m going to do an Atwood Machine problem. Show you how simple it is with my programs in the Titanium. And remember these are test questions. In other words, you’re going to get a test question like this and given certain masses and what are you going to put on your test? Are you going to put in the first diagram here? They want you to make a free body diagram that you’re gonna have to do when your own brain or own head. When it comes time to find the acceleration for this system,my programs as where it’s at. So let me do that for you right now. Physics to get to my menu. Physics menu. And we’re going to scroll down to at Atwood machine. And you notice these arrows go up and these go down so that means there’s more things in the menu. We’re gonna go up here to Atwood Machine. And you have to press Alpha before you enter anything in here. Notice that they give you the mass of one is 15 kilograms so we’re gonna press Alpha 15. Choose kilograms. Second mass is 28 kilograms. Alpha 28 kilograms. I always show you what you’ve entered so you can change if if you want. I say it’s okay. Here’s the little blurb on it, what it is. 2 masses hanging by a pulley. I show you a picture of it. And here’s the formula. Acceleration equals G times m2 minus G times m1. And summing the massesI do the calculations for you. Add it up, all step-by-step and here’s the answer. Acceleration equals 2.96. He has 2.977 meters per second squared. In the next problem, he solves for tension and I do that also in my Atwood machine. Notice we already have the answer here. Here’s the formulas and the step-by-step solutions 191.64 Newtons. He’s got 190. So you get an A on this problem on tests. You’re done within one minute and you’re onto the next problem. Pretty neat, huh? Go to my site, buy my programs. Pass your physics or calculus class. And subscribe to me see more movies like this. Thank you.