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February 22, 2015 · by physics · Average Force

Average Force

Mass: .45kg Initial Velocity : 44 m/s

Final Velocity: 0 Initial Time: 4.0 E-3

Final Time: 0

Raw Transcript

Hello, everyone. This is Tom for and I’m going to do a physics problem with regard to average force and I’ll show you how that works in my programs. Physics to get to my main menu. We’re going to scroll down to average force. I just did a video on average acceleration which is a change in velocity over the change in time. And the difference of force and acceleration is that mass is included. It’s interesting to note that mass in weightlessness is not weight but it is size. And for instance the space shuttle etc., in space has no weight however still has size and that makes a difference in the calculations. So we have average force on mass on mass in collision, okay? You have to press alpha before you enter anything into these entry lines, here. And the mass is given as alpha .045 choose kilograms. Initial velocity is alpha 44. Number four meters per second. Notice I did all the conversions for you. That’s one of the tricks in Physics. And then the final velocity is 0. There’s always a in every physics problem, there’s always a final velocity and an initial velocity. There’s also always a final time and a beginning time. Even though they don’t state it in a lot of problems, you have to think about that and and I help you with that as much as I can in physics. So the initial time given as a alpha 4.9 times E times to the minus 3. The final time, if not given, enter 0. It’s not given so we’re going to enter alpha 0. I always show you what you’ve entered, you can change it if you want. I say it’s okay. Here’s the calculations. Mass times the change in velocity divided by change of time It’s always this. The final velocity minus the initial velocity. Always the final time minus that initial time. We get 404.08 Newtons.