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An 1130 Kg car is held by a cable on a smooth frictionless ramp.  Cable makes angle of 31 degrees above surface of ramp.  The ramp rises 25 degrees higher than the horizontal.  Find the tension in the cable.  


Hello, everyone. This is Tom from and Today, we’re going to do stuff. A 1100 kilogram car is held in, oh they have plane here but it’s place. A 1100 kilogram car is held in place by a light cable on a very smooth frictionless ramp as shown in the figure. The cable makes an angle of 31 degrees above the surface of the ramp and the ramp itself rises 25 degrees above the horizontal. Note that the magnitude of gravitational acceleration of the earth is 9.8 meters per second squared. Draw a free body diagram for the car and find the tension in the cable. So how do we do this problem? Well, you go to physics to get to my menu. Then you choose tension because that’s what it’s asked for in the problem. So we go up tension, press Enter. And we have all these choices. We’re given to angles and one mass. In this case, we would choose number three. We put in there the mass of the car.Alpha 1130 kilograms.
Again, the anglesAlpha 31 degrees plus 25 degrees.We got 56.Notice if the ramp angle was given, you’d be pulling just along the frictionless ground. And so that there’s only one angle given, that would be mg times sin of theta. Which is a standard tension formula. Now if you add the car going with it going up a ramp with a angle, then and the rope is pulling on car at an angle, you have to add those angles together which is 56. Now you do the calculations. Equals 9190.1 newtons. Okay. Sometimes you have to kind great thing about my programs is it gives you the formula for tension. A lot of times, a really simple simple formula, you can’t even recall them because you really don’t don’t have any way of placing them together and using them. My programs give you at least the formula for tension.

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