Center of Mass Video for TI89 Calculator

November 12, 2012 · by physics · Center of Mass

Center of Mass Video Transcript

Video on center of mass equation Finding the center of mass with one two or
three four masses on either x axis or x y plane.
To get to my menu You have to press second alpha on the Titanium
to enter letters in the home screen, and then you enter the letters p h y s i c s
press alpha again to enter the closed parenthesis
Press ENTER and you’re into my menu
You scroll down to what you’re after in this case we’re after center of mass, all
alphabetical order
Press enter and you’re into the program
I show you the formulas for the x and y center of mass equation
Press enter and your are into my menu of choices
In this video I’m going to do number four, three masses in an xy plane
And we enter our masses have to press alpha first
and I give you choice for grams or kilograms
follow along here as we go through the entries, we’re entering the x coordinate first, alpha,
zero, alpha eight give you the choice for centimeters or meters
alpha six, alpha one point nine, alpha eight, alpha minus three, put centimeters in this
time, you can see centimeters has changed here,
I show you what you’ve entered, so you can change and check that you’ve entered everything
correct Give you the choice to change it
I say it’s ok We find the x center of mass first
You do the calculations write all of this down on your paper, exactly
as you see it and then we do the y conversion
the y has, uses the y coordinates you can see where it has the x and y entries
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