Centripetal Acceleration Calculator | TI-89 | Video

December 10, 2012 · by physics · centripetal acceleration

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This is a TI-89 titanium program app for centripetal acceleration and to get to my main menu you have to type in physics press second alpha first and then press alpha to enter the open and close parentheses press enter and you’re into my menu you can see many many things that goes way down
thirty forty items here look you’ll need for physics fluids hydraulics friction path of object strain
stress all kinds of things but today i’m gonna demonstrate acceleration uh… in regards to centripetal
acceleration I’m going to scroll up here to acceleration press enter and then choose number three
centripetal acceleration. I show you the two formulas one is radius times w squared this is speed
angular speed squared and this is v squared over r radius uh… we’re going to enter the cords radius. Let’s say that it’s you have to press alpha before you enter anything in my for my uh… entry lines
and let’s say it’s four point six and I give you the choice of centimeters of meters depends on what’s given in the problem. Let’s say it’s centimeters. I’ll show you how to convert centimeters two meters
you write all this on your paper exactly as you see it to get an a in this problem in physics number of revolutions let’s say it’s three press alpha, three and the choice of revolutions per minute or revolutions per second formula it needs seconds. So I’m going to just I show you what you’ve entered
and you can change it if you want. I say it’s okay. Given the choice of which formally you want to use
let’s do this one here velocity squared velocity equals frequency times two pi times radius and
centripetal acceleration is sixteen point three point four you can use the same variables go back and choose the other formula and same answer. Pretty neat huh? Check out my programs.