Modified Atwood Machine Example Video

September 30, 2014 · by physics · Modified Atwood Machine, Physics Videos

Raw Transcript
Hello, Everyone. Tom from and We’re going to do A Modified Atwood Machine. This time with friction on the table there. And you’ll notice the ninety degree angle. And that angle goes from when the two masses are hanging and he said the pulley that would be zero angle and then up at a table will be ninety degrees so on all the angles in between, I’m always bothered with physics formula’s where they don’t have a complete formula. And it’s not clear. So anyway, the cosine is in the formula and cosine of ninety degrees is zero. So we see how that works. So that’s the only thing to remember that it has an angle and UK also. So we’re gonna get going here. Physics, go to my menu. I’m going to scroll down to Atwood Machine, here. And I’m gonna scroll up to Modified Atwood with theta and UK. I’ll show you a picture in case you didn’t know how to draw it. Now, of course this would be ninety degrees table. I have that in the modified section of this program, also. I’ll show you that. We’re going to put in a mass here. M1 is equal to 5. You have to push Alpha before you enter anything in these entry lines here. So it’s Alpha 5 kilograms and then M2 is Alpha 11 kilograms. Theta then would be ninety degrees and UK would be point 8 as it’s given. I always show you which have entered, you can change it if you want. I say it’s okay. Here’s the formula. Notice UK’s in the second part of this equation. All divided by the total masses. And then we have cosine here. They enter the variables. And here’s the answer: 6.744 meters per squared. You notice how the second term of this formula became 0 because cosine of ninety is 0. Pretty neat, huh? and Go to my site, buy my program, pass your classes, and subscribe if you wanna see more movies. I also give tension here. See the tension because tension uses the acceleration that we found previous. Have a good day!