Modified Atwood Machine with Angle-Video

February 18, 2015 · by physics · Modified Atwood Machine

Raw Transcript

Hello, everyone. This is Tom from and I’m going to do a Modified Atwood Machine but this time with an angle on the ramp. And so let’s get started. Physics to get into my menu. All Atwood Machines are in the menu under Atwood Machines. And we go from there. You notice the angle was not on the horizontal but up by the pulley because a modified, a true modified atwood machine has a 90 degree angle there. And any other angle all the way down to where just a plain atwood machine where the cord is just hanging around the pulley is between that position and the 90 degree position so any angle in between is what I’ve indicated here. This is 5 kilograms for, I’ll show you in a second here, we’re going to go up to this one would be modified atwood with angle. And I show you that, here’s the angle, here’s m1 m2 over the pulley. And we have to use Alpha before I put anything into these entry lines here. Alpha 5 kilograms. And Alpha for m2 is 7 kilograms and the angle is Alpha 40 degrees. I always show you what you’ve entered so you can change it in case you’ve made a mistake. You notice the formula here g times m2 minus g which is 9.81 times m1 times the cosine of theta. All over m1 plus m2. And you add your variables here. And here’s the acceleration 2.5913 meters per second squared. I also give you tension. Tension uses the acceleration that you found above here. All with the mass of m2. And here’s the tension 50.531. Pretty neat, huh?
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