Physics Help – Baseball Hit II

October 20, 2013 · by physics · Physics Online

Raw Transcript

This is a video from demonstrating how my programs work with the t i 89 titanium calculator and other calculators in the t i system for physics and calculus problems this is the same as physics online accept you have the calculator in your hand for your tests or homework right with you
rather than your big computer and you can use this in your tests also that’s always helpful and let’s get started you press second alpha to put the p h y s i c s letters in here you press alpha to put the open and closed parenthesis press enter and your into my menu uhm let’s do another baseball hit one and they give you the initial velocity always you have to press alpha before you enter anything into the entry
lines of my programs remember to do that let’s go sixteen for initial velocity and I give you the chance to correct it if you’ve made a mistake and let’s go time at maximum height here press four you can see the time at maximum height you write this all on your paper within a minute you have it all correct you look like a genius and you can pass your physics class every step physics dot com go to my site buy my programs and pass physics