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November 9, 2013 · by physics · Stress


Stress on the TI-89: Video Transcript

This is video over stress with regards to physics
physics classes tests
doing your homework uhm let’s get started here
you press second alpha to put the letters p h y s i c s in here
and then press alpha for the open and closed parenthesis
and then press enter and you’re into my menu
many choices here as you can see all kinds of things for you to pass physics
ah I’m not interested in teaching physics I myself was not interested in learning physics
I wanted to pass the test and do my homework and I designed these programs for that purpose
uhm we’re going to go to scroll to stress
and you write this all on your paper here exact formula for stress
force over area will give you these unknowns in your test
you have to press alpha before you do enter anything into my entry lines here
press alpha I’m going to say it’s alpha seven
you have the choice of grams miligrams or kilograms
I’m going to say it’s kilograms I convert that for you
if you choose the others formulas have certain ways and
variables to do it properly they give you the diameter
or they give you the radius or they give you the cross sectional area
so right now I’m going to do it on radius and let’s put alpha
six centimeters I convert that centimeters to meters
I always show you what you’ve entered so you can change it
in case you made a mistake I say it’s ok
and here’s the stress wow alot of stress here
pascals is the unit for for stress
and you can see we’ve done the mass times gravity
and pie r squared we take the pie times radius squared
come up with those calculations you get a perfect score on your test here
quickly and easily and your on to something else
every step physics dot com enjoy my programs
buy my programs and pass physics