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October 20, 2013 · by physics · Inclined Plane


Mass & Mass & Pulley & Inclined Plane on TI-89: Video Transcript

This is a video from
demonstrating how my programs work with the t i eighty nine titanium calculator
and other calculators in the t i system for physics and calculus problems
now we’re going to use the two masses on an inclined plane with a pulley and a rope
connected by ah to find mass m two I did another video on mass m one
but this one is going to be on mass m two to find it
ahh let’s get started again you press second alpha
and put the letters p h y s i c s in here
press alpha again and put the open and closed parenthesis
press enter and you’re into my menu we want to find mass
that’s what the problem asked for in your test
and so we need to go to mass here so we’ll scroll down to mass
there it is there we’ll press enter
and we’re into two masses on an inclined plane I ask you which one you want to find
m one which is on the plane or m two with the one hanging
so let’s find m two this time click down on that
press enter and mass one we’ll put in
you have to press alpha before you put anything into these entry
lines here I’m going to press alpha four
choose kilograms uhm for the angle I’m going to press
alpha nineteen and for the coefficient of static friction
I’m going to put point two three I always show you what you’ve entered
so you can change it if you want I say it’s ok
here’s the main formula that you derive these things from
and here’s m two the formula m two is m one times etcetera etcetera
and here’s your answer two kiligrams
two point one seven kilograms pretty neat huh
every step physics dot com go to my site
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