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November 9, 2013 · by physics · Acceleration


Acceleration with 3 Masses on TI-89: Video Transcript

This is a video from every step physics dot com
solving a physics problem step by step and also demonstrating
how my downloadable programs work in your TI 89 Titanium calculator
and other TI calculators for calculus and physics problems
and let’s get started here you have to press second alpha
to put the letters p h y s i c s in the main entry line of the calculator
and then press alpha and put the open and closed parenthesis
press enter and you’re into my menu ah there is many things that you can scroll
down to but we’re interested in acceleration right
now so I’m going to click on that
I give you individual accelerations here but we want to do a regular one
what happens is when you get a calculus I mean a physics problem in your test
and it says find acceleration well then you go to acceleration in my menu
here and I give you
uhm all the choices I know about which would come up to in a test problem
and right now we’re gonna maybe do even like this one
how many could answer this one where you have three masses and some force
that they give you pretty simple but
still on your test you might get confused or what ever and you want to get
this done quick and get onto the next problem so that’s what you do
I press Enter you have to press alpha before you enter
anything in these entry lines here alpha eight kilograms
alpha nine kilograms and alpha let’s say fourteen
grams and then the force alpha maybe
fourtyfive newtons I show you what you’ve entered
notice how I changed the grams to kilograms for you
and I give you the choice to change it and here is the full formula right here
simple as this and gives you the calculations
two point six four four nine ah pretty neat huh
every step physics dot com go to my site
buy my programs and pass physics