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October 20, 2013 · by physics · Collisions, Velocity in Physics

 Raw Transcript

This is a video from demonstrating how my programs work and the TI-89 titanium calculator and other calculators and the TI system for physics and calculus problems. For my program you have to press second alpha to put the letters physics in here and then press L for the open and close parentheses press ENTER and you get into my menu. We’re talking about a collision of two balls we’re gonna get on here too scrawled on alphabetical to you collision and we were given two masses into initial velocities which is number four here so we’re going to scroll down we could press the number before or scrolled one and a silastic site areas bounced off they bounce off and here’s the initial formally
rate this right on your paper right away already you get three points partial credit for the problem which is
always the way testers court in physics and calculus am going to enter our first mass and the
first mass would be alpha point 6 for 0 kilograms by the way have to after Press alpha before you enter anything in them I am felines my programs for calculus or physics and the as for the second mass metaphors alpha and point a to 0 kilograms initial velocity mass one would-be given for 3 point for meters per second in the plus axes close X axis direction East and the initial velocity for the second mass is elf 0 I will show you what you’ve entered see can change it if you want looks pretty good say it’s okay and you start writing is forming is down via for nichols’ the et cetera et cetera yeah the variables just like this don’t even think about the problem write it down and final velocity one ball is minus points 419 figure out the next 1 keep writing and your papers quite a long problem and the blasier the second masses 2.9 you per second and I some up losses here for you need every step physics that go to my site by my programs and pass physics.