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October 20, 2013 · by physics · Tension

A 276kg glider is being pulled by a 1950kg airplane on a horizontal runway with an acceleration of 220 m/s^2 to the right. Find the magnitude of the tension in the cable connecting the glider to the airplane.

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This is a video from every step physics dot com showing how my programs work on the TI 89 titanium calculator and other calculators and the TI system for physics and calculus problems. Okay, here’s another physics problem in many tests, very easy one but they’re not easy when you’re doing a test you don’t know what formulas to pull or what to do. This certainly is a system for that for getting these problems correct. 276 kilogram glider is being pulled by a 1950 kilogram airplane along a horizontal runway with an acceleration 2.20 meters per second squared to the right. Find the magnitude of the tension in the cable connecting the airplane and glider you’re pulling along horizontal plane. Therefore, gravity does not have any effect on it it’s not in the calculation if you’re pulling await up vertically then gravity does stake place in the calculation so this one gives you massive the glider in 1950 kilogram airplane doesn’t have anything to do with it because the weight is all on me and by the glider. So let’s see how my programs work on this one. So let’s get started in my programs yet the per second for the letters pH Yasi sees in here and personnel for but the opening close parentheses and press Enter in your into my menu. The problem is too find tension so there for you me the going why menu grow up or down to for medical to Kenshin tension and give you the mass acceleration so we’re gonna choose that one from this menu. Mary enter the mass you have to press l4b for you into anything and my aunt realizing these entry lines here of to 76 kilograms you could put grams in case the prime gave you something like that but I always do that give you the option for for that this is kilograms health 2.2 meters per second squared we show you which is better you can change it if you made a mistake they say it’s okay anna says horizontal and so shoes there as the airplanes point fighter-bombers way the cable and here’s a calculation simple calculation these in a senate tested you very quickly very accurately and be done with it mass times acceleration 6 7.2 news 30 every step physics that can go to my site by my programs and pass physics.