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December 10, 2012 · by physics · Angular Acceleration

Angular Acceleration Calculator Video Transcript

This is a TI-89 titanium program app in this video angular acceleration to get to my programs you have to enter second alpha physics and then press alpha again to enter the open and closed parenthesis, press enter and you’re into my menu, been my menu there’s many things in this menu you can see atwood machine, two pulleys and cord uh… beads on a wire, bulk modulus car catches truck,, center of mass
vectors basically many many things that are on the test we’re going to do acceleration and we’re going to find acceleration here first and then we’re going to choose angular acceleration notice there’s centripetal
acceleration and tangential acceleration also we’re gonna find angular acceleration and you’re given choices sometimes in a test they give you velocity initial velocity final velocity or and initial speed or final speed if it’s at rest of course it’s zero for one of the other and we’re going to do number one here
and you have to press alpha before you enter anything in my program for the enter alpha five it gives you the choice for inches centimeters or meters let’s say it’s centimeters uh… angular speed alpha nine
start with r p m’s if you put r p m’s in the formula it needs revolutions per second so i show you how to change that here and then we’re going to enter angular speed for the final angular speed alpha let’s go
let’s go alpha four a r p m’s again i show you how to change it and then alpha six seconds I show you what you’ve entered you can change it if you want if you made a mistake or something and we’re gonna i show you the angular initial angular speed because you’ve got to change that to radian so show you how to do that two pi radians and the final is change the radians again for the formula and then your acceleration is is this amount here radians per second you write all this on your paper to get a hundred percent on the problem pretty neat huh? check out my programs pass physics every step physics dot com