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December 9, 2012 · by physics · Angular Acceleration, Physics Calculator

Raw Transcript

this is a TI-89 program app for the titanium calculator
and with regards to physics and with regard to angular speed
so let’s get started here, to get my main menu, you have to
press second alpha and put p_h_y_s_i_c_s letters in
and press alpha again and put the open and close parentheses
press enter and your into my menu
many many many things here that will help you through your physics classes
tests and homework
that’s what we’re interested in, is passing
uh… but we’re going to go to angular spleed right now speed right now
and uh… w equals angular speed, two pi frequency rads per second
that’s the formula
i’ll ask you to put the formula in, you have to press alpha before you put
anything in the entry lines of
the entry things here, you’re going to put eight
if you put rpms in, the formula requires revolutions per second so it’ll
change it and show you that and you write that on your paper
divide it by sixty
and you get point one one three revolutions per second
and ask you if it’s ok in case you made a mistake or something
and here’s the formula and the
point eight three seven seven six rads per second
pretty neat huh? every step physics dot com
go to my my site check out my programs