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November 9, 2013 · by physics · Help with Physics


Raw Transcript

This is a video from every step physics dot com

demonstrating how my programs work with the t i titanium calculator
and other calculators in the t i system for physics and calculus problems
my programs you download into your titanium will help you with physics that’s for sure
and let’s get started on the demonstration
you put second alpha to put p h y s i c s in here
you press alpha to put the open and closed parenthesis
press enter you’re into my menu
many things here for you to pass your physics class
uhm falling off a building that’s always a common problem
let’s do that one object falling
also have a stone thrown up finding the time to ground
finding the time final velocity
inital height you always have to press alpha
before you enter anything in these entry lines in my programs
remember that alpha eight
is the initial height give you the choice of meters
centimeters whatever they give you on the test
and the final height if at ground enter zero
alpha zero and I show you what you’ve entered
so you can change it in case you’ve made a mistake
and you write this stuff all on your formula, all on your paper
and just like you just like it says here
and you get one point two seven seven to ground
seconds pretty neat huh
every step physics dot com go to my site
buy my programs and pass your physics