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November 9, 2013 · by physics · Acceleration


Acceleration & Kinetic Friction in Physics for the  TI-89: Video Transcript

Ok this is a video on acceleration with regards to physics
and how my programs work on the ti-89 titanium calculator
let’s get started here you have to press second alplha in my programs
after you buy my programs to put in the p h y s i c s letters
and then you have to press alpha again to put in the open and closed parenthesis
in here press enter and you’re into my menu
you have many choices of course everythings always menu driven
atwood machine baseball hits
and all kinds of things but right now we’re interested in acceleration
so, that’s what were going to choose here and notice we have angular
centripetal and tangential acceleration if you want to go right to them
otherwise we’re going to go to acceleration whereby you know you need to find acceleration
because of what the test question was and so here’s, and of course they give you
the variables, and there is a million of them so I put them all here in alphebetical order
and uhm, you can scroll down to what they give you
right now let’s just do mass, coefficient of kinetic friction and
the angle Probably of a ramp
mass sliding down a ramp or something and of course you have to press alplha before
we enter anything into the entry lines I’m going to press alpha and put in eight
they give you the choice of grams or kilograms and I choose the number before it for kilograms
or I can scroll to it coefficient of kinetic friction i’m going
to push alpha, point six maybe
and then the angle, alplha twenty four degrees and I show you what you’ve entered
you can change it if you want I say it’s ok
here’s the equation, the original equation You always want to throw this down
and because the mass cancels a big deal in physics
the masses on both sides of the equation algebracially you can cancel it
and here’s the real equation for acceleration you mark this on your paper
that’s the first thing you mark down of course and you got three points credit right then
and here’s the actual formula and then you enter the variables that you
put in here and here’s the answer
a minus one point three eight seven meters per second squared
pretty neat huh every step physics dot com
go to my site buy my programs and pass your physics tests and class