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November 9, 2013 · by physics · Inclined Plane


Sliding Mass on Inclined Plane: Video Transcript

This is a video for physics and how my programs work with uhm
when you’re computing a mass sliding on an inclined plane
and what angle is required for that mass to start sliding given the coefficient of
static friction so, let’s get started
you press second alpha to put p h y s i c s letters in and then press
alpha to put the closed and open parenthesis press enter and you are into my physics menu
you have all kinds of choices for you to pass physics
and do your homework we’re going to scroll down to angle starts
to slide here again I say you are given coefficient of static
friction you have to press alpha before you enter
anything into these lines of my programs but I’m going to enter alpha point eight
and I show you what you’ve entered in case you’ve made a mistake
you can go back an change or you can go ahead, I say it’s ok
you’ll notice here’s the formula for it tangent, point eight etcetera
arc tangent, thirty eight point seven degrees you’d get an a on this problem in your
physics test, really quick and move on to some more difficult things
ah pretty neat huh every step physics dot com
go to my site buy my programs and pass physics