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December 9, 2012 · by physics · Bulk Modulus

Bulk Modulus Video Transcript

this is a video on my
programming the ti 89 titanium calculator to do physics
and in particular physics with regards to bulk modulus
let’s get started here on my menu
to get to my menu you have press 2nd alpha
p_h_y_s_i_c_s the letters and then press alpha
and put the open and closed parenthesis in press enter and you’re into my menu
there’s many things on this menu you can look at them as we’re scrolling down
to bulk modulus so here’s bulk modulus
and I give you the choices of entering pressure
original volume final volume
pressure original volume
and change of volume pressure and strain
or pressure and area those all come on tests
mighjt be coming on tests you never know
we’re doing number one and you have to press alpha
before you enter anything in my entries lines of my menus
press alplha I’m going to put pressure two point two
times e to the seven uhm origianl volume
I’m going to put alpha five of meters per cubic meters
I give you that choice and final volume
i’m going to put six and cubic meters
I show you what you’ve entered you can change it if you want
I say it’s ok and here’s the calculations
you write this on your paper you get an a on this problem
uhm just to show you I’m going to do the pressure again
alpha two point two times e to the 7 and put in the original volume of five
and let’s say they gave you cubic meters you’d press one
I show you how to convert that pretty neat huh? go to my site
enjoy my programs and pass physics