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November 9, 2013 · by physics · Physics Videos


 Physics Help Online with the TI-89 Calculator: Video Transcript

This is a video from every step physics dot com demonstrating how my programs work with the t i 89 titanium calculator and other calculators in the t i system for physics and calculus problems ah this is better than physics help on line because you download the programs right into you calculator and you have all the help you need ah for what I’ve programmed which is quite a bit and let’s get started on how they work you press second alpha to put p h y s i c s in the entry line of the calculator press alpha to put the open and closed parenthesis press enter and you’re into my menu
many things here for your help on line whatever you have to
choose what you want and uhm do center of mass here
ah here’s the formula center of mass is the
sums of these ecetera and I give you the choice of
two masses or two masses in the x y plane
three masses x axis three masses x y plane
four masses x y plane let’s do number four
three masses in x y plane first mass
you have to put alpha before you enter anything into the entry
lines of my programs here alpha eight first mass
we’ll say it’s kilograms I give you that choice though
alpha twelve kilograms
and here’s the third one alpha six kilograms
first coordinate x equals four
meters second coordinate
the y alpha
let’s go minus six meters
second coordinate for the x value alpha seven
meters and then the y value
alpha minus four meters third coordinate
alpha seven meters alpha six meters
I show you the whole thing that you’ve entered so you can
change it if you want if you’ve made a mistake
we’ll say it’s ok and you’re doing the sums of these
remember and here’s the calculations
write everything down on your paper just as you see it
like you’re doing the calculations yourself center of mass is six point zero eight meters
and the x y z is equal to six point zero eight zero zero
pretty neat huh every step physics dot com
go to my site buy my programs
and pass your physics