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October 20, 2012 · by physics · Acceleration, Physics Help

 Raw Transcript

Ok, a video on physics help.  You’ve searched for that so here it is. My programs are one of a kind in the area of physics as far as I’m concerned, there is none like them, and they’re not designed to teach you they’re designed for you to pass a physics class. You and I are not interested in the conservation of energy, or masses moving up or down a ramp, or Newton’s second law, even though to me, in my studies, Newton was a God. Remember a physics class is scored on curve and potential, or partial credit, and in my physics class, the curve was twenty seven, and I got an A, with a twenty eight, do in most part to my programs. In physics, physics problems ask you to find something, like acceleration, force, work or something, and then it gives you some variables, ya know like mass or velocity to work with. Well in my programs, you use my menu to what is asked for to find also, and then I give you the choice of variables because of the different formulas involved. So let’s get started. Uhm in my, I’m going to go back to the main screen here. You’ll notice the physics with the closed parenthesis, you have to push second alpha, and then put the letters p h y s i c s in there, and then you have to press alpha, and then put the closed parenthesis in, and then press enter, and up comes my menu, and this menu has many, many things, you can see the arrow here which goes way down to all kinds of things, fluids, hydraulics, center of mass, anything you might, ahh I can’t get everything in there because of the Titanium’s restriction on memory, ya know memory, allowances, so, but anyways let’s do a quick example here. Lets go to acceleration, and we’re going to put acceleration in. now when you go down the menu, here’s the arrow again, you can go way down here, you are given many, many choices for acceleration, all kinds of different formulas, and you pick out the one given in your problem. Let’s say that it gave you this one here, number eight, you can press eight and it’ll go, and I always show you this, a equals acceleration, this is a funny a, not a real a, it’s designed to do that in physics books, and here’s the formula, and ah, we’re going to enter the mass, let’s go, you have to press alpha before you enter anything, let’s go fifteen, I always give you this, this is pretty neat because I’ll give you all the choices for, sometimes a problem will say grams, or sometimes it will say kilograms, uhm and I give you those choices as you go through any problems or programs that I have. I’m going to say its kilograms, I’m going to show you how it changes in a second. And then let’s put an angle of twenty three degrees in there, and there’s friction force, we’re going to push alpha and then put forty five in there, newtons, and I show you what you’ve entered, but let’s just for experimental sake, change the fifteen grams, let’s say, so I’ll give you that choice, let’s go back and change it. And we’re going to put the mass of alpha fifteen, and let’s say that it’s grams this time, ok? And then we’re going to enter our angle which is alpha twenty three, and then our friction force which is alpha forty five newtons. You notice that I’ve changed it by dividing by a thousand, you can mess that up in your test or homework, so I do that for you, for me also, these programs were designed for me first remember? and we’re going to say ok, so here is, and you write all of this down, a equals acceleration, here’s the formula first, you put in the gravity, you put in the sign of twenty three, minus forty five, is the friction force, and here’s the mass, and etcetera , and you just go through it and put it in here, and you come up with the answer, minus two nine, nine, six point two meters per second squared, anytime you are dealing with friction force, I don’t mean to teach anything but, it’s negative because it’s opposite of the friction force, so pretty neat huh? Check out my site, check out my programs.