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December 10, 2012 · by physics · Tangential Acceleration

Tangential Acceleration Video Transcript

this is a TI-89 titanium program app for tangential acceleration
and to get started
need to get to my menu so you’re gonna
to get to my menu you’re going to press second alpha and put in the letters physics
and then press alpha again
to enter the open and closed parenthesis
press enter and you are into my menu
you have many things in this menu and you can scroll down
you see an arrow here you can always scroll down more more
car catchers trucks center of mass beads and wire atwood machine
all kinds of things
coming from calculus tests
that you need to pass calculus and um…
right now i want to do
tangential acceleration
scroll to that press enter and were into the program
i give you the choice for
whether they gave you
initial revolutions and final revolutions or initial velocity final
lets do number two
and tell you need to find angular acceleration first which i do my program
you have to press alpha before you enter anything in my programs
let’s put in
radius of eight
and uh…
let’s say they gave you centimeters
you must write this on your paper to
computer problem
everything you see you write on your paper with my programs
for tests or homework
and um…
then we’re going to do initial revolutions
zero because it’s at rest
and final revolutions alpha six
if they give you r_p_m’s you have to convert it to r_p_s_ in the formula, the formula uses r_p_s_
revolutions per second
and then we’re going to put in the time lets say two seconds
i show you what you’ve entered so you can change it if you want
i say it’s okay
you need to convert
revolutions initial
to angular speed you do that by multiplying by two pi
here’s the final revolutions converted to angular speed
w final is the angular speed final and heres the final
and here’s the formula
and uh… for angular acceleration
and then the uses that in the formula for tangential acceleration
pretty neat huh every step physics dot com go to my site
check out my programs
and pass physics