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December 9, 2012 · by physics · Physics Calculator

Physics Calculator Video Transcript

This is a video on the ti 89 titanium program app for physics with regards to physics equations in this case we’re going to tackle trajectories which are in many tests there is a trajectory of a baseball hit so let’s get started to get to my main menu you have to press second alpha and enter the letters p h y s i c s then press alpha again to enter the open and closed parenthesis press enter and you’re into my menu my physics menu there’s many many things here you can scroll down to atwood machine angular speed acceleration angular acceleration centripetal acceleration et cetera but we’re going to do a baseball hit and we’re going to enter out initial velocity you have to press alpha before you enter anything in my entry lines so let’s just do alpha nine meters per second initial velocity I ask you if it’s ok I say it’s ok so you can change it if you want ah you have these choices time to height time to ground time to maximum height we’re going to scroll to maximum height right here I show you the formula all step by step show you the equations and here’s the four point one two eight four meters for maximum height ah time to ground there’s one point eight three four nine seconds here’s the formula again minus g, minus nine point eight one meters per second squared and here’s time at maximum height point nine one seven four three seconds here’s the formula
et cetera all my programs are step by step pretty neat huh? check out my site enjoy my programs and pass physics