TI-89 Titanium Physics Program Example

November 9, 2013 · by physics · Youngs Modulus


Young’s Modulus Example on the TI-89: Video Transcript

This is a video from every step physics dot com
solving a physics problem step by step and also demonstrating how my downloadable
programs work in your TI 89 Titanium calculator and other TI calculators
for calculus and physics problems andlet’s get started
to access my physics menu in my programs you goona have to press second alpha
and put the letters p h y s i c s in here and then press alpha and put
the open and closed parenthesis press enter and you’re into my menu
you can see how many things there are many many things here
you I have that outlined in my outline that you can receive
but uhm we’re going demonstrate tension right now
so I’m gonna go up here get to the t’s
It’s all alphebetical and click on that
and you have all these choices here what they give you
what happens in a physics test is they give find acceleration
this is a video from every step physics dot com
demonstrating how my programs work with the t i eighty nine titanium calculator
and other calculators in the t i system for physics and calculus problems
This is a t i eighty nine physics program and let’s get started
your going to push second alpha to put in the letters p h y s i c s
the press alpha to put the open and closed parenthesis
press enter to get to my menu many choices here
you can scroll up to get to the bottom of it
there’s young’s modulus and work given different ah parameters
ya know it’ll say in your test it’ll say what work is done by
this object or something like that and then they give you these
parameters and you have to scroll to find what they give you
choose that one and you’re homework is easier and you can
pass your test quickly uhm let’s do work across the floor
wait for the program to load here this is box accelerated across
the floor find net work given
mass, acceleration, and time you have to press alpha before
you enter anything into the entry lines here.
press alpha the mass is eight kilograms
acceleration, alpha twelve and the time alpha five seconds
I show you what you’ve entered so you can change it in case you made
a mistake press one it’s ok
and here’s the net work the formula and everything
you write this on your paper within one minute you have exactly
the correct answer and you can go on to the next problem
pretty neat huh every step physics dot com
go to my site buy my programs and
pass physics