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Acceleration, Collision & Momentum
Acceleration Equation
Acceleration & Kinetic Friction
Acceleration on a Ramp
Acceleration Test Question
Angular Acceleration I
Angular Acceleration II
Centripetal Acceleration
Constant Acceleration
Displacement Test Question
Instantaneous Acceleration 
Man on Scale in Elevator
Object Sliding on a Ramp
Tangential Acceleration

Atwood Machine

Atwood Machine Test Question I
Atwood Machine Test Question II
Modified Atwood Machine Example I
Modified Atwood Machine with Angle
Modified Atwood Machine 5kg/7kg
Modified Atwood Machine 40 degrees

Average Force

Finding Average Force 

Bulk Modulus

Example I


Bullet & Block Collision 
Bullet Hits Steel Plate
Bullets Speed
Bullet Through Block Pendulum
Pendulum Hit with Bullet
Projectile & Block
Projectile into Block

Center of Mass

3 Masses in XY Plane Example I
3 Masses in XY Plane Example II


A Ball of Mass
Final Velocity After Collision



Given Initial Velocity
Given Initial Velocity & Time
Given Velocity & Acceleration

Finding Height

Ball Thrown Given Speed

Horizontally Launched Projectiles

Ball Rolling Off Table 

Inclined Plane

A Mass on a Ramp 
2 Masses & Pulley
Sliding Mass on Inclined Plane


Baseball Hit I
Baseball Hit II
Baseball Hit III
Bead on a Wire
Car Catches Truck
Object Falling
Physics Help
Work Problem

Strain & Stress

Strain Calculated
Stress Calculated  


Explanation of Tension
Given Newtons & 2 Angles
Stretch & Tension 
String & Tension 
Tension Mass, Displacement , Angle
Tension of Airplane & Glider 

Young’s Modulus

Example I
Example II