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November 12, 2012 · by physics · work problems physics

Work Problems Physics Transcript

This is a video on work problems in physics actually a work problems in physics calculator app for the ti 89 titanium calculator

To get to my main menu You press 2nd alpha to enter the letters p h y s i c s and then press alpha again to enter the open and closed parenthesis

Press ENTER and you’re into my menu You scroll to where your choice is right now you want to know how to do work problems in physics you can scroll up or down they’re all in alpahebetical order press enter and your into the menu for work problems in physics you’ll notice the number of choices for work problems in physics work in fuel oil work in height net work work against gravity

work between heights work opposing friction work up an incline This arrow shows you you can go further down work given acceleration work given displacement, some force and theta, angle work given mass and displacement work given mass displacement and some force work given gravity and ladder

work lifting or dropping In this video I’m going to do work and fuel oil press enter you have to press alpha before you enter anything in my entry lines let’s enter 8 I give you the choice sometimes you’re given gallons otherwise liters you write this on your paper 8 times three point seven eight five equals thirty point two eight liters of fuel oil I ask you if it’s ok

you can change it if you want it’s ok you go on

here’s the height let’s say alpha twenty three

you can go centimeters or meters and I ask you if that’s correct

first you find the mass of the oil one cubic centimeter equals eight point two

grams of mass changes to kilograms of course

that’s all we do in physics, liters, kilograms and meters

and one liter equals one thousand cubic centimeters so the mass is this formula

thirty times a thousand times point zero zero zero eight two

and you get twenty four point eight three kilograms

that’s the weight of that eight gallons of fuel oil

and then we wanted to find work so work equals m g h

twenty four times nine point eight one times the height twenty three

and it get’s fifty six o two point three joules Pretty neat huh?

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