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November 9, 2013 · by physics · Youngs Modulus


Young’s Modulus on the TI-89: Video Transcript

This video is on young’s modulus with regard to physics classes and uhm let’s get started here you’re gonna press second alpha put in the letters p h y s i c s.
Press alpha again to put in the open and closed parenthesis.
 Press enter and you’re into my physics menu you have many choices here for you to pass physics.
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Anyways you can go all the way up to the top and since young is a y you can go down to the bottom of the alphebet and come to youngs modulus.
Press enter and you are into ah you have to find stress first and you have to find strain because
youngs modulus is stress over strain and here’s what you put down on your paper.
For stress this insignia here equals force over area so we do that also any calculations in the entry lines of my programs.
Press alpha we’ll put eight and either grams miligrams or kilograms let’s say it’s and also I ask you sometimes they give you diameter sometimes radius sometimes cross sectional area.
I’m just going to do diameter right now and we’re going to put alpha point seven maybe centimeters.
I change it for you so you have the exact conversion rate and here’s the stress for that two pascals
and you put all these calculations down on your paper.
Here’s the formula here and pi r squared is the diameter or area and we need to find strain.
They’ll give you the stretch and the length of the cable or string and so let’s put the stretch alpha maybe point seven.
Let’s say it’s meters and the length let’s say that that was alpha nine meters I always show you what you’ve entered.
So you can change it if you want If you’ve made a mistake on the calculations or entries so strain turns out to be
that formula and then answer and young’s modulus then turns out to be this that you write this on your paper two point six two etcetera M n per meter squared.
uhm pretty neat huh
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